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Snapshot your students' work and grade them on the fly

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Take photos or upload your students work and grade them on the fly.

Grader is perfect for busy art classrooms. It allows teachers to take photos of work and either grade them in the moment, or save them for grading later.

Keep track of your students' artwork

Generate portfolios with your students' work


How well a student uses a variety of line types and qualities with purposeful placement when making art.


Uses a wide variety of line types and qualities with purposeful placement.


Upload your students' photos and grade them anywhere, anytime.

With the ability to upload many types of files, your Photography class can rest easy knowing that you can view and grade their photos and folios.


Upload recordings of your students performances and grade them when time suits.

Grader's versatile framework allows performing art teachers to upload their students work to grade whenever, wherever.

Chord Progressions Piano

Lara Appleseed


Clearly and articulately applies relevant terminology to explain the process of how nerve function activates muscle action and the relationship between muscle contraction and force exerted.
Applies these concepts to movements in a variety of sporting contexts.


Clearly and articulately explains how the Magnus effect can change the path of a spinning object and applies this to a variety of sporting contexts. Describes the different types of drag and how each can affect aspects of sporting performance

Sport psychology

Clearly and articulately explains the factors that affect, and strategies to improve, group cohesion. Describes the mental skills strategies used by athletes and how each can be applied to various sporting situations.

Motor learning and coaching

Clearly and articulately explains how learning and skill development tools are used to correct and improve an athlete's performance. Describes the characteristics of each coaching style and justifies why they would be best suited to different situations.

Developing physical skills and tactics

Demonstrates a broad repertoire of skills, showing consistent control, fluency, balance, power, speed, precision and creativity, where relevant. Uses an extensive range of relevant advanced tactics to outwit the opposition, improve personal performance, and contribute to team success.


With customisable and intuitive grading tools, Grader's Sport Teachers can grade their students on as many criteria as they want.

Write comments on student's performance and grade them when time suits.


With the ability to upload many different types of work, languages teachers can grade their students oral, written and listening assessments with ease.

Oral Presentation

John Smith

21 Jun 2022

Culture and Impact of Immigration

• Pourquoi la France est un pays populaire pour les immigrants ?
A mon avis, c’est populaire pour les immigrants parce que c’est a cote du d’autre pays, et les regles d’immigration et plus facile que d’autre pays comme Allemande. Aussi beaucoup d’immigrants parlent Français parce que ils vivent dans pays qui parle Français tels que le Maghreb ou d’autre pays comme ça.

• Que savez – vous de l’immigration en France ?
Moi, pas tant ! Je blague ! l’immigration en France, tandis que les médias peuvent le montrer comme une mauvaise chose, c’est une bonne chose, dans une sens.

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