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Transforming the future of teaching

We created Grader to help teachers around the world improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their grading.

Assessing student's work is a long and tedious process, so we have made it easier to grade your students, so you can focus on the important things.


Creating cutting edge technology for teachers around the world

4 years of research and hard work later, we've developed the pinnacle of assessing technology, Grader.

We believe that teachers should be able to assess their students' work in a way that is both accurate and flexible, so we set out to create a platform that was versatile enough to meet the needs of every teacher, whilst being simple and easy to use.

That's not all, we strive to make Grader the most powerful grading platform in the world, and we are continuously improving and expanding the platform day by day.

Our partners are the best in the business.

What we're all about

Push the boundaries

By creating powerful education software, we hope to propel the teaching industry forward.

Make the world a better place

We are serious about the future of our planet, so we have partnered with Stripe climate to fund renewable energy technologies.

It's a team effort

We listen to every piece of feedback, so we can make Grader better for everyone.

Honesty above all

We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and transparency.

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Explore Grader, or create an account instantly to get started. You can also contact us to discuss your needs or volume licensing for your school.

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Grade anywhere

With a mobile app and a website, Grader can be used assess and view student's work anywhere, anytime.

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Export and analyse your students work, or showcase it with a portfolio

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